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B Before you buy a SoClean®, VirtuClean® or Ozone Cpap Cleaner, Read


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Before you buy a Cpap cleaner, read this: NO PRESCIRPTION NEEDED FACT: SoClean® is an OZONE Generator. In a court case, SoClean® admitted under oath that they used 100% ozone as a sanitizing agent. Nothing else! The Center for Disease Control (CDC) compared Ozone Cpap cleaners and sounded an Alarm. They said: Exposure to ozone may cause headaches, coughing, dry throat, shortness of breath, a heavy feeling in chest, and fluid in the lungs. Higher levels of exposure can lead to more severe symptoms. Chronic exposure may lead to asthma. Workers may be harmed from exposure to ozone . Why would you spend hundreds of dollars before you did a simple Google search; “ Is ozone safe ”? Philips , the world’s largest maker of CPAP machines in their ResMed and Dreamstation One had to recall over Five Million units! They went as far as accuse SoClean® of destroying the Foam sound abatement material inside of the Philips and ResMed machines. It was producing a deadly gas and releasing harmful VOC’s into your CPAP hose which evidentially ending up in your lungs. The FDA classified the recall as a Class 1 Recall. A Class 1 recall is for items that cause an immediate harm to the public and continued use could result in harm or death. Philips went so far as to issue a warning to CPAP users that if they used Ozone it would void their warrantee. Of course, SoClean® sued Philips and let’s see how that works out for them. SoClean® made people sick. They paid $350 for a unit and felt taken.  So I researched out the best way to sterilize my Cpap mask and hose.  The answer came from the 1903 Nobel Prize in Medicine awarded to Niels Finsen for the use of Ultraviolet light.  He came up with the cure for Tuberculosis and you do not hear about TB anymore.  Being a Medical Researcher for 40 years, I decided to invent my own.  Our unit was designed by Doctors; not by people trying to relieve you of your hard earned money. They asked me if I wasn’t worried about someone competing and stealing my scientific research.  The answer is great, let them. The more we can help people with their breathing problems, the better off society will be. They probably haven’t a clue as most Cpap cleaners are in a square little box about 12 inches from side to side. The biggest seller on Pricetronic is SoClean® a Ozone Generator. If they happen to realize that Ozone will eventually kill you and wise up and switch over to UV light, they might have a chance. There are a couple of things they probably haven’t figured out. Ozone is a gas and can easily escape from the vent holes or the so called carbon filter. Use a search engine and research out “ IS OZONE SAFE?” An independent lab did a study and found Ozone was still seeping out of a SoClean® two hours after the machine was turned off.  CDC researched it out as did independent testing and found the ozone level exceeded FDA recommended levels at 5 parts per million.  The biggest seller in the world SoClean® was five to ten times the safe level. The second thing they didn’t figure out is that UV light is most effective at 254.7nm.  At 400, which is the level of most UV Black lights, it doesn’t work. It makes your kids poster glow in the dark, but that is about it. Also, UV light is only as good as direct contact. In other words, line of sight; Light can’t go around corners but Germs, Virus and Pathogens can hide in shadows. My chamber is not square.  Theirs is.  I used a mathematical formula called a parabola curve that reflects light all around, Germs and Pathogens can run, but they can’t hide or escape its death rays.  It actually does go around corners and invades shadows; mine is not a square box but mathematical curvature that bounces light rays every which way but loose.  So if it is a square box, you are not getting your money’s worth. It isn’t killing all the germs and they may come back, reproduce and fight another day. There is only Four ways out there that can clean a cpap mask, reservoir and headgear: 1): Ozone unit by SoClean® the number one cleaner on Pricetronic .  According to the Center for Disease Control, The Food and Drug Administration, The American Medical Association, the American Lung Association and a whole truck load of peer tested associations and about Five Thousand Pulmonary Specialist across the country, Ozone gas is as deadly as chlorine.  You would not take a tank of Chlorine and turn it on in your bedroom, why would you turn a SoClean® Ozone generator loose on your night stand?  Nuts. 2): The second method is a sonic cleaner .  Your automotive garage that cleans your auto parts uses one, Jewelers use them to clean rings and jewelry but you must use a caustic chemical to clean it up and sanitize it.  Did you notice I used the word sanitize and not the word sterilize?  Sonic will not sterilize and kill germs unless you add some hazardous chemicals.  Not a wise idea to something that can kill you as well as the germs by using a deadly chemical. Sanibot® uses chemicals.  Not good. 3) The third method is UV-C light but only at 254.7 nm. The 1903 Nobel Prize for medicine was awarded to Dr. Finsen for discovering UV light destroyed Tuberculosis. You haven’t heard much about TB anymore because he pretty much eradicated it. It attacks the DNA of germs and keeps them from reproducing thereby causing death and destruction to their colonies. Every major Hospital, Research Lab and Nursing Home in America uses UV light to sterilize their clean rooms, operating theatre and patient recovery rooms. It’s a really big deal! 4) The fourth and final method that every Doctor in the Country, The Federal Government, The State Health Departments, The Center for Disease Control, the Food and Drug administration and of course, the American Medical Association is recommending is to simply wash your mask and hose in your kitchen sink with soap and water using a mild soap like Dawn®.  Unfortunately, most people do not take the time.  They want a machine that does it all for them.  So, I invented one.  It’s called the UV Light Chamber.   It is quick and easy only requires five minutes use each day. That’s it! If you want to use what Hospitals, Doctors, Dentist and Medical Researchers really use for Sterilization of Medical Instruments consider a UV light chamber. Every neighborhood kid who has an Aquarium has been using UV light to sterilize their fish tanks for years.  Almost every Water treatment plant in Europe purifies their drinking water with UV light. Ever buy purified water in a bottle? The odds are it was sterilized by UV light.  Surgical Instruments are sterilized by using UV light.  Dentist are using UV Sterilization and putting it into practice. Research Labs looking for the cure for a mutant gene gone Rogue in a flu pandemic use UV-C light at precisely 254.7nm to sterilize their lab equipment. My light chamber is huge; Size: about 17 inches wide, about 9 1/2 inches deep and about 7 inches tall.  Large enough to sterilize your Gym shoes as well as things around the house like a remote control that you really do not even want to know how many germs reside there or in your wallet or on a Dollar Bill. For those of you out there using a little plastic square box to CLEAN the so called germ infested Cpap mask, do a little research on Ozone before you turn that thing on in your bedroom.  It takes 24 hours to dissipate 50% of the ozone from that machine.  The minute you open the lid, Ozone escapes and contaminates your room.  Ozone attacks cells and the last time I checked, you body was full of millions of cells.  What makes you think it is not attacking your lungs at the same time it is attacking germs?  If you are using one, at least take it outside on the back porch or patio. My product is endorsed by peer testing.  How do I know?  The Doctors, Dentist, Medical Researchers and those trying to come up with a cure for a rogue mutant gene, virus, germs and pathogens keep buying huge numbers of my UV Light Chamber and coming back for additional units for home use.  That tells me volumes.  You can use an item you saw on Television which cost millions of dollars to convince you it isn’t crap or you can use what Medical Science and the Nobel Prize committee discovered was the best on the market.  Peer review voted for Ultra Violet Light by using their wallets.  They buy the best, shouldn’t you? What you get: 1)    UV Germicidal light at 254.7nm (110 electrical) 2)    Negative Vacuum Hose Sterilization for Cpap 3)    Protective Eye wear (Sun Glasses) 4) A Scientifically designed Light Chamber with polished reflective surfaces on the inside and out. A true Parabola curve reflecting light, not hiding it in corners. 5)    Instruction Sheet and Safety information. Size:  17 inches wide, 9 ½ inches tall and 7 inches deep. Did you get that last part? 17 inches wide! Even Shak and his size 16 basketball shoes could be sterilized in our unit. Note: Prices have gone up on all electronic equipment including the Computer Motherboards found inside of our light chamber. Computer processing chips that control the ballast on our light chamber are almost impossible to get. Just remember, if you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, vote this coming November and replace these idiots that are running the price of everything into the stratosphere.

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B Before you buy a SoClean®, VirtuClean® or Ozone Cpap Cleaner, Read This
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